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Post Office Update

On Thursday, Dec 15, the community council held a very well-attended (72 person) meeting at the Land Trust and on Zoom. We had a vibrant discussion about the Post Office, with several current and past employees of the Post Office present at the meeting.

Results: How We Can Help

Here is a Google doc that lays out all the different ways we can work to help the situation, both personally and further:

If you have additional info and ideas to add, please add them as a comment in the document.

Community Discussion

Here is the recording of the meeting. The Post Office discussion begins at 1hour, 12 minutes, 51 seconds into the meeting. Passcode: 6KW%GCD& Your Help Needed As you can imagine, there is much work that is needed that goes beyond what we can do personally. A task force has been formed to work on this, and it needs more members. If you are willing to help, please contact David Vogel, our past president. He is the interim chair of the Post Office Task Force. You can reach him at

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