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Community Council Board

Last Update: June 17, 2024

The community council board consists of 12 members when all positions are filled. The community elects 8 members in even years, and the board will appoint 4 more to fill gaps in skills needed and/or sectors to be covered.  We currently have openings for 5 more board members, and are looking for board members who will be willing to work in the following areas:

  • Learning how to run Hybrid meetings (Zoom and In-person)

  • Expertise in Wix websites, or willingness to learn

  • Newsletter design and wording

  • Social media and other publicity – radio, newspaper, posters on bulletin boards

  • Fundraising (events, grants, online donations, other)

  • Serving as the board liaison to one or more committees working on community issues


We are also looking to have a board member  be a  liaison to the following sectors:​​

  • Culture (art) and history

  • Education

  • Recreation


The sectors mentioned with each board member are those areas of special interest to the board member. The board member does not represent these sectors. Rather, the purpose is to have the board member connect with these sectors to understand their issues and needs and encourage participation in the Community Council meetings. This will result in greater visibility and understanding of community issues specific to each sector, and action on those issues.


Here are the Sectors and Board Member coverage, as of March 30, 2024:

Affordable housing:  Diane Emerson


Business: Diane Emerson, Ben Carr


Culture (art) and history:  Open


Education – Jessica Anakar


Environment: Diane Emerson


Faith - Open


Food:   Debra Gussin


Health and human services –  Debra Gussin


Latinx Community – Jamilla Stigall




Recreation: Open


Safety (Traffic safety, sheriff): Ben Carr


Youth – Jamilla Stigall


Others As Occur

The Board meets the 1st Thursday of the month, beginning at 7:00 pm. If you would like to attend a board meeting, please send an e-mail to at least a day before the board meeting, and you will get a copy of the agenda and a link to attend the meeting. 

Ready to Apply? Send an e-mail to board president Diane Emerson; 

Learn More about joining our board of directors

Would you like to learn more about serving on the board of the Community Council? Let's meet over coffee!  Contact any of the board members or current Board President  Diane Emerson at:

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