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Formation of a Vashon Town Planning Committee

The Community Council is in the process of forming a Vashon Town Plan committee, and will be seeking interested members of the community to apply to be on it. Here is the draft charter of the committee:

The Vashon Town Plan of 1994 (VTP) was developed by the VMICC Town Plan Committee with assistance from King County and was adopted in 1996 as a subarea plan of the King County Comprehensive Plan.  Although the VTP has largely achieved its intent to reinforce Vashon’s traditional rural town character, as well as the 1986 Vashon Community Plan’s goal of maintaining the town’s rural character, the VTP has not been very successful in addressing the community’s desire to provide more affordable housing and to enable people to walk to work.


The purpose of the 2023-4 V-MCC Vashon Town Plan Committee is to work with King County to modify the VTP to enable more affordable housing while maintaining the town’s rural character.  These modifications are intended to be adopted as part of King County’s 2024 Comprehensive Plan Update.

16 people have applied to be on the committee. Their names and a bit about each of them is here. If you missed the May 1 deadline to apply to be on the committee, you can still fill out the application survey to be considered to fill a vacancy on the committee. Here is the survey 

The candidates will be invited to the June 15 Community Council meeting to introduce themselves on Zoom or in person, and council members will vote on the 12 members of the committee. You will need to be a voting member of the Community Council to participate in the vote. Membership is free, and there are no obligations.

 To join, go here.

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