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Forest Road


Last Update: March 30, 2024

Forest Road
1 / Q: Where can I find the link to attend the general Community Council meetings?

A: If you are on the e-mail list, a link is sent to you at least once before the meeting. If you don’t see one by the date of the meeting, check your spam folder. One e-mail will go out 10 -11 days before the meeting. Another is usually sent as a reminder the day of or the day before the meeting.

The link is also published on the Events page of our website. The meeting information and agenda usually goes up at least a week before the meeting.

2 / Q: What can I do if the ferry runs late (and I can't make it home before a council meeting starts)?

A: You can call in to the meeting from your cell phone and participate that way. The call-in number for the meeting will be on the website Events page.

3 / Q: Are the dates and times of meetings set well in advance?

A: Yes. Community Council meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 7-9pm. The board meetings are held the 1st Thursday of the month, also beginning at 7pm.   Here are the scheduled dates for the 3rd Thursday Community Council general meetings.


January 18

February 15

March 21

April 18

May 16

June 20

July 25

August 15

September 19

October 17

November 21

December 19

4 / Q: Who is on the board?


1.    Ben Carr - At Large Board Member
2.    Debra Gussin - Vice President
3.    Diane Emerson – President

4.    Jamilla Stigall - Secretary
5.    Jessica Anakar - Corresponding Secretary
6.    John Affolter - Treasurer

Their terms run through November, 2024.

We need more board members to take on these important roles for the community council. Are you ready to join in and help us continue to have a space to come together and work on Island issues? Can you help in one or more of these areas?

  1. Website management

  2. Mailing List and Membership List Management

  3. Recruiting and supervising volunteers

  4. Tabling

  5. Helping the Committees function well, and making sure everyone knows about the state laws for advisory committees, and our bylaws and standing rules for committees. We need a board liaison for every committee. 

  6. Meeting and Event promotion

5 / Q: I have an important issue I think the Community Council should address. What should I do?

You can always attend a meeting of the Community Council and raise the issue there during the Open Discussion portion of the agenda. It will help if you contact us in advance to arrange for time on the agenda, because open discussion is at the end of the meetings, and if we know someone wants to speak at that time, we can better arrange for your presentation.

6 / Q: Where do you get your funds to operate?

A: We have received some grant funding from King County through the Alan Painter grant, and some funding to help King County with the Community Needs List Survey. We also have raised funds through sales of strawberry shortcake at the 2022 and 2023 Strawberry Festival. We also gladly accept donations  to cover the expenses we have.  You can donate here.

7 / Q: How do you become a member of the Community Council?

A: If you are 18 years old or older, and reside, even part time, on Vashon-Maury Island, you may become a member. Residents 18 years and older may vote on all issues which come up at the monthly meetings of the community council.  Visit our Home Page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. MEMBERSHIP IS FREE AND THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO ATTEND MEETINGS OR BE ON A COMMITTEE.

8 / Q: Where can I see meeting recordings?

A: We have a YouTube channel where you can see recordings of past meetings. You can find it here:

9 / Q:What has the community council Accomplished?

A: Here are our accomplishments for 2023

  • Rallied record-breaking turnout for the King County Community Needs List survey, so that Vashon’s voice will be heard loud and clear when King County structures its biennial budget.

  • Succeeded in getting garbage cans installed (and emptied regularly!) around Vashon town as part of a 6-month pilot program.

  • Co-sponsored a King County Council candidates forum, so islanders could meet their aspiring local leaders.

  • Hosted Seattle Indian Health Board representatives, to answer community questions about SIHB’s new planned inpatient treatment facility on the island.

  • Increased traffic safety in our community by persuading King County to make changes– e.g. reduced speed in certain areas, increased signage, increased speed-measuring devices– in response to islanders’ concerns.

  • Welcomed King County representatives from numerous agencies, to hear and address issues raised by islanders such as housing, public safety, the environment, and transportation options.

  • Advised King County on the Vashon-Maury Subarea plan for 2024, pushing them to reject implementation of the fee-in-lieu proposal for developers to get out of building affordable housing by simply paying a fee to the county.

  • Issued a resolution supporting legislation in Olympia protecting the environment and climate, 5 bills of which passed in 2023.

  • Grew our voting membership and our mailing lists by almost 30% over last year.

  • Celebrated Strawberry Festival 2023, hosted a table for answering islanders’ questions about the work being done on the island, and fed islanders the most delicious strawberry shortcake the festival had to offer.


Over the years the Community Council has resolved many community issues through public discussion and has enabled Islanders to express their points of view on matters of concern, such as a proposed bridge, affordable housing, and the coming drug and alcohol treatment center.  It has allowed elected officials and agencies to regularly speak to Islanders in an open town hall forum where questions are asked and often answered.

Additional Accomplishments (Several of Many)

∙         North End ferry lineup configuration on Vashon Hwy – there were head on crashes before

∙      Supported the acquisition of the Village Green, a community resource, operated by the Vashon Parks District: Village Green funding: $35,000 from King County Executive Ron Sims, $18,000 from King County Councilmember Greg Nickels

∙         King County Library at Ober Park

∙         Pushed and got the Groundwater Protection Committee with King County, and the entire Island designated as a sole source aquifer to protect our drinking water.

∙         Created the Vashon Town Plan with assistance from King County. 

∙         Coordinated a Washington State Department of Transportation grant award to create sidewalks and reconfigure the parking lot at Chautauqua and McMurray schools through the Safe Routes to Schools program (SR2S).

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