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Want better Ferry Service?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

There is an opening on the Vashon Island Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC), which provides input to Washington State Ferries

FACs advise and provide input to the Washington State Ferries (WSF) on:

· State ferry schedule development

· Fare and pricing policy for presentation to the Washington State Transportation Commission

· Biannual ferry user data service conducted by the Washington Transportation Commission

· Route input for WSF’s every-decade Long Range Plan

· Terminal and vessel passenger area concerns, and

· Regional issues relevant to state ferry service. Currently, there are two members of the Vashon Ferry Advisory Committee: Chair Justin Hirsch, and member Rachel Rome. We need another person to fill out the committee.

Application Form

We have created an application form for the opening. You can download it here:

Oct 2022 Vashon Ferry Advisory Committee (FAC) Application
Download DOCX • 47KB

Deadline to Submit Your Application, and Next Steps

Please submit your completed form no later than December 14, 2022 to The candidates' name and qualifications, but no personal info, will be shared with the community at the December Community Council membership meeting, where the members will vote on who they wish to fill the position.

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